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Improving Waylett Place

One of the areas where more parking has been created for motorists is Waylett Place, just off the high street – this is the space behind Greggs and Delicious Café.

We are working with Lambeth Council to make improvements to the area. For example, the line markings within the car park have been readjusted to gain a further two spaces.

Further signage is going in to ensure motorists are aware of the 40p for one hour parking charge, that the car park is open 24/7, is free on a Sunday, and the hours of control are 7am to 7pm.

Further signs will go up on the main road pointing to the car park.

As part of the overall Streetworks scheme we are continuing to lobby to make this car park free of charge. However, for the moment the 40p cost to park for one hour remains.

Plans are also underway to obtain and install a security camera here to help ensure those parking and using this area feel safe to do so.

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