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Moving car parking spaces from our high street

As part of the programme of improvement works, local residents told us that they wanted some of the car parking spaces to be removed from Norwood Road. Also, people mentioned that they didn’t want to lose car parking spaces altogether. So the scheme was designed to create extra spaces in Waylett Place – which is behind the shops next to B&Q.

There is already a carpark in this area, which we want to advertise to those looking for spaces to park, taking down the gates to the carpark to make it more user friendly. You can see the plans here.

However, we have come up against some challenges in order to make this happen. We want the car parking in this new location to be free. But the technology in place – pay by mobile phone – only allows for free parking for the second hour if you pay for the first.

We are looking for ways to get around this. But initially it may be that we move the car parking spaces and drivers have to pay 40p per hour to park here.

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