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What is happening with the pedestrian crossing in Harpenden Road?

You may know that the plans for Norwood Road included putting in a pedestrian crossing near the Access Self Storage centre and Harpenden Road. We also planned to make Harpenden Road one way, with a junction for cyclists. You can see the plans here.

The decision to do this was made after lots of consultation with residents of West Norwood and Tulse Hill. Councillor Anna Birley wrote a blog on all the engagement that has happened on this.

When the pavements were being widened by Access Self Storage – as part of the plan for all of Norwood Road, there was a section here which cyclists were worried about. The pavement jutted out creating a hazard. This meant we began to extend the pavement widening work by Harpenden Road which in turn meant the crossing that was in place here had to be removed.

We then planned to put the new crossing in place, after an official consultation period. However, sadly before work could begin on this new crossing the Council received a complaint about this – which meant the consultation has been paused, and the Council are considering the merit of this before work progresses.

We were sad to hear about the complaint because of the level of consultation that has been involved in this scheme. Also, this now creates a dangerous section of road for people to try and cross. Staff at the nearby school are also concerned about their pupils’ ability to cross too.

We are working with the Councillor who is leading on this review to try and bring about a resolution as soon as possible. If you would like to express your support for the crossing please do contact Councillor Anna Birley via email at

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