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Questions and answers from the Tulse Hill One Way system consultation event

In December we held a community meeting on the one-way system in Tulse Hill. Transport for London presented the latest updates from their modelling work. Background information to these changes can be found here.

We have only included questions which related to the one-way system, although things were asked about other issues. We have also tried to order them in a way which makes sense to read which may not be the same as how they were asked on the evening.

The presentation from the evening is here.

You applied and received funding for the work on the one-way system at a time in which healthy streets are being promoted by the Mayor, but work will happen when Sadiq may not be in City Hall, what would happen then?

StreetWorks has a lot of support and is a high-profile project. However, we will continue to make the case for the works to continue if questioned.

How will buses go from West Norwood to Brixton? Will there be extra sets of traffic lights?

Modelling of specifics on each section of the road is still to occur, and the outcomes of this will inform road design.

Will modelling be holistic? For example, will it take into account the other streets leading off the one-way system? Or is this only considering the gyratory?

Yes, we will. We will employ joined up thinking and look at the site as a whole.

What about bus routes, and ambulances using this stretch of road? What about the utility companies who have cables and pipes here?

We don’t plan to re-route any bus journeys once the scheme is completed although they may need to take another route when the works are happening. However, the bus network is constantly evolving so we cannot say now what changes would be made.

The emergency services are one of the bodies who will be consulted as part of this phase of works.

We try and work with utility companies so that when we are conducting works they are also working on the cables and pipes under the road – to try and reduce disruption.

The one-way system as it currently is works – this new design will cause traffic to back up.

Not everyone agrees that it does work – it was residents who originally petitioned to get it changed. Our consultation events have also shown that people want it to change. It doesn’t work for cyclists and walkers either.

We can’t say that traffic won’t back up until we do the modelling for this, this is one of the things the modelling will look at. Other schemes such as the one in Elephant and Castle have shown that this approach does work.

Can’t you install traffic lights or speed cameras if reducing speed is one of the aims?

There are really strict criteria in place for the installation of speed cameras and they cost a lot to install and to administer tickets. Boards which flash up your number plate if speeding can be used with less regulation but it is unclear what impact this has on regular road users.

There is also no either/ or with this design – we may be able to change the one way system and also install traffic calming measures.

There was a fatal accident further on from the one-way system at Birkbeck Hill on the South Circular, what will you be doing to address speeding vehicles?

We have been looking at the speed vehicles travel and have begun mapping this (see presentation). There appear to be a large proportion of vehicles exceeding the speed limit which is something we must address.

There are lots of schools just outside the boundary of the one-way system, will school children be considered? And what about cyclists?

Yes, we will look at the routes children are taking and involve schools as we have done with other aspects of the StreetWorks scheme. Cyclists will also be invited to get involved with the design of the scheme too.

If the road is pedestrianised/ or access is allowed for buses and bikes between Station Rise and before the Tulse Hill Hotel, how will cars/ bikes/ people get into Station Rise, the new pedestrianised area by the station?

The entrance to this road comes just before where the road would be closed off, which means you could still drive in here.

Will drivers just use Avenue Park Road to avoid having to drive round? Or any of the other side streets? Will this increase traffic?

This is a possibility and something which the modelling will look at. It may have to be that we consider if some of these roads need to become one way.

Would you consider again which road to close to cars and lorries, so not the one by the station? What would you do if modelling showed other closures to be better?

The modelling will look at the other options, so if this showed another closure was much better then that would be considered. However, this is the option which residents preferred in the consultation events.

When the works in Herne Hill were finished, it was found that there were a few smaller issues which needed fixing. What is TfL’s commitment to do this for this scheme?

There will be some money in the budget to do smaller works which will fine tune the scheme. We would hope that modelling will ensure that it is only very small changes that need to be made, not larger ones. Things like re-programming traffic lights can be done fairly quickly and cheaply for example. Larger fixes would need to be a separate project which we may not have budget for.

We have heard tonight that the work on this scheme is being pushed back by a year. What can we do to encourage TfL to prioritise this scheme?

Several people are here from Perran Road, it would be great if we could form a group of people here as there is no resident’s association.

We will keep you up to date with developments and let you know when we need you to get involved. We really value the support of the community.

What is next?

In spring we will be having further meetings to hear more about the modelling that TfL are doing.

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