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Update on cycling consultation

Thank you to everyone who came along and inputted into our cycling consultation a couple of months ago. As a reminder, cyclists had contacted us to say that the road by Ira Court was proving difficult for them to cycle on because the new position of the car parking bays was pushing them further out into the traffic.

As a community project we do want everyone to be as safe when using Norwood Road, so wanted to address this issue.

One of the ideas that came out of the consultation was to create car parking bays in between the trees – ensuring that walkers still have lots of space on the pavement, and cyclists aren’t being pushed out into traffic. Modelling of this idea, where we tested it out to see if it could work, showed that it could. You can see the plans here.

To fit in car parking spaces between the trees we have had to reduce the number from 8 to 6. But it is felt that this is a good compromise in order to ensure that cyclists have a safer route to ride on.

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