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Kiss and Drop – Quickly!

When we asked residents about the changes they wanted to see around Station Rise by Tulse Hill Station one message came through loud and clear – more pedestrian space, and fewer cars! So that is exactly what we have done in the design and work on this area – which is now almost complete.

But drivers be warned – now the double yellow lines are in place outside the station you could well receive a ticket for parking here. This really is meant for a quick ‘kiss and drop’ for the station only - in the designated bays, and not somewhere to park for any length of time.

This isn’t a completely pedestrianised area because goods vehicles occasionally need to access the area next to the pub, to make deliveries for example. And this is where ambulances and other emergency service vehicles have to come to access the station.

In fact recently someone collapsed on a train at Tulse Hill Station but the ambulance was unable to drive right up to the station to help them because there were so many cars parked outside in this area. The ambulance driver had to go round to each business to try and find the owners of each vehicle and ask them to move! This demonstrates just how important it is that the area remains clear.

You may have also noticed that some plant beds have appeared here too. We are looking forward to making these areas blossom so that this street becomes a lovely colourful place to walk down.

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