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Tulse Hill one way system: update on the plans

Back in January we provided an update on the latest news concerning the gyratory or one-way system in Tulse Hill. The great news is that this work is still very much on track, and TFL aim to have completed the feasibility section of the process by November 2017.

Although it may not seem like much is happening right now there is lots of behind the scenes work is taking place to understand how the designs we put forward for the revamped one way system will work. This includes ‘modelling’ how all different types of road users, from car drivers and buses, to cyclists and walkers, will use the new road layout. TFL are also looking at factors such as traffic noise and air pollution to see how these may be impacted by our proposed new road layout.

Modelling is a really important stage because it allows TFL to check that the suggested new layout will work for road users and walkers, before actually making changes to the road itself.

At the end of November all of this information will be pulled together into a larger report which will then determine the future of the project. We will keep you updated on the next steps.

Flyer for one way system

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