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Pavements – from shabby to chic

Have you seen that whilst some of our pavements are looking brand new, others are a bit, well, battered? Maybe you have noticed the lack of proper paving slabs, or the strange tarmac mounds joining the pavement to the roads at side streets? Don’t worry! This is just a temporary measure.

Pavement with unfinished slabs

The plans for our high street show that where possible all pavements will be widened and will have lovely new paving slabs put down. However, before this can be done several other companies who have cables or pipes under these pavements need to dig them up first. We don’t want to put the new slabs down only for them to be taken up a few months later. So we are working around these other companies.

Where tarmac ‘mounds’ join the pavement to the road we are going to be putting in new raised crossings, which bring the level of the road up to the level of the pavement in these places. You may have seen that work on the crossing by Avenue Park Road (near Tulse Hill Station) has already begun. Eventually the majority of junctions where a smaller road joins Norwood Road will have these new and improved crossings.

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