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The designs are here!

You may have seen some of the improvement works on our high street have started to take place. But maybe you are unclear as to what the final product will look like? The technical drawings outlining the plans for Norwood High Street are now online, and you can check out how your thoughts and ideas have fed in to the designs.

However, technical drawings can sometimes be confusing and difficult to interpret. So here are some of the exciting things you can expect to see happen over the coming months.

Wider pavements for walkers

In order to make it easier to walk up and down the high street, stop and chat with neighbours and make the most of the great shops and cafes the pavements will be widened where possible. Some of this work has already happened such as where Chatsworth Way meets the high street – next to Stapleton Long (Estate Agents).

Pedestrian friendly junction crossings

Every junction where people cross a road, except where there are traffic lights already in place, will have the level of the road raised to the level of the pavement. This will make crossings easier to use, and encourage vehicles to prioritise pedestrians .

Parking neutral plans

The plans show that it is proposed that some of the parking spaces on the high street will be removed in order to widen the pavements. In order to make this scheme parking neutral extra spaces will be found on the neighbouring streets. There will be a further statutory consultation on this plan as it involves changing parking arrangements.

Extra green space

At the junction of Harpenden Road and Norwood Road was a bit of fenced off disused space, next to the Salvation Army building. It turns out this is public land, so this area will be developed into green space for us all to enjoy - a 'Pocket Park'. What’s more the area will help create natural drainage for the project.

Not quite there yet...

Some of the plans need a few checks before they can be confirmed. This includes the proposed one way street and cycle lane system on Harpenden Road – keep an eye out on this page for the most up to date designs as they are produced.

And finally....we hope that the vast majority of work on the high street will be completed by the end of November this year.

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