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Hoopla Gardens Planters

On Sunday we did some work on the planters which make up the Hoopla Garden on Norwood Road. They already have some great plants in the them as part of the work originally done. These include strawberry, mint and rosemary, and also ‘three cornered leeks’. Who knew? The weather was kind to us and we had great support from Veolia who gave us ten huge (and quite heavy!) sacks of compost. We added a few more plants and gave everything a good water. We were joined along the way by residents from William Brown Court as well as lots of passers by and some keen young gardeners too. Community spirit is alive and well in Norwood for sure – a special thanks to the kind man and his little boy who offered us a bag of compost to help out! We were asked if there is a group of volunteers who get together on a regular basis – is this something you’d be interested in getting involved with? If so, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. The Business Improvement District will be supporting the maintenance of the Hoopla Garden over the next year so there will definitely be structured opportunities to help out

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